Due to a number of reasons the following will occur for the summer season.

Training at the stadium:

3 teams will train together on a full court, this is to ensure all teams can remain financial for the entire summer season. Teams will be grouped together in similar age groups and divisions. Where possible senior coaches will be placed with junior coaches to assist with training.  Some of the older teams are currently training with 3 teams on a full court and it has been beneficial to players if one coach is absent, coaches learn from other coaches and players can also learn from the coaches.

Training at Penrith High School:

The court at the high school has just been resurfaced, hopefully the court remains in good condition as it was in the past. Teams requiring or requesting a half court per team, or two teams training on one court will be booked into training at the high school.

The above training arrangements have been put into place to ensure weekly game fees remain capped at $10 per player.  Due to the indoor nature of basketball, it may, in some areas be more expensive to play compared to outdoor sports, however in the summer we are out of the sun and not getting burnt to a frizzle and in the winter out of the rain and wind. The Club will always try to minimise costs to players.